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DayDay is a wellness brand centered around CBG. DayDay products are CBG-focused and enhanced with CBD, terpenes and other functional ingredients, delivering accessible, cannabis-based alternatives to wellness products in the nutraceutical industry with targeted and specific uses. The process begins by sourcing Cannabis Sativa biomass with a specific cannabinoid profile. Upon receipt, each lot is then vetted for safety, quality, and consistency. The cannabis is then extracted, refined through multiple pass distillation, and crystallized to produce THC-free CBG extract. The CBG is then combined with other active ingredients and natural carriers to create functional, extract-based products specifically designed for daytime use. Each batch of DayDay products is formulated and produced by Purileaf’s specialized team of scientists, engineers, and dedicated cannabis production staff. All products are quality control tested during the production process and upon release to ensure that consumers receive products of the highest quality.