Mango Haze Pre-Roll 10-pack | 3.5g
Color Cannabis

Mango Haze Pre-Roll 10-pack | 3.5g


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THC: 5.1%
CBD: 9.1%

Mango Haze is a balanced CBD/THC cultivar that is rich in flavour. Bountiful terpenes give this cultivar its signature mango scent. The sativa-dominant hybrid produces dark green, resinous flowers with bright orange pistils and mild THC potency potential. Mango Haze is a genetic cross between Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze; with dominant terpenes of p-cymene, myrcene, pinene, and beta-caryophyllene. Color Cannabis pre-rolls are perfectly packed with gently milled flower, not trim or shake, to ensure each joint contains the freshest and most flavourful cannabis possible. They use flower that has been harvested with care, dried naturally, gently milled and then rolled into the perfect size. Each unit comes with ten single session size joints, weighing 0.35g each. Aroma & flavours Tropical Fruity Mango


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Color Cannabis

Color Cannabis was created during a time of change in Canada. As perceptions towards cannabis shifted, we set out to champion and inspire people to be open to a world of endless possibilities - a life of limitless Color. Today is so unlike yesterday. It’s time to live life in Color.

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