Wildcard Extracts - FG x CR - - Resin
Wildcard Extracts

Wildcard Extracts - FG x CR - - Resin


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THC: 570mg/g - 650mg/g
CBD: 40mg/g

Our Frozen Gelato and Candy Rain Live Resin is made from high quality BC outdoor grown cannabis that is frozen within 24 hours of being harvested and stored as fresh frozen. This cannabis is frozen to preserve the valuable terpenes and integrity of the cannabis to produce the freshest extract possible. Using a proprietary hydrocarbon extraction processing method, we take fresh frozen cannabis and process it into live resin. This extract is a premium quality concentrate as it boasts a vibrant light yellow to almost cream colour and is packed with flavourful terpenes like limonene, farnesene and caryophyllene. Expect sweet and citrus aromas with a pungent taste profile of vanilla and fruits. This is an indica-dominant variety with genetics that are known for their unique aromas and taste. Combined with its THC and high terpene count, this cultivar creates a well-rounded live resin concentrate. This product can be consumed using a dab rig, dab pen or as an additive to dried flower.




Wildcard Extracts

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