Sour Apple THC Gummies

Sour Apple THC Gummies


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THC: 2mg/g
CBD: 0.2mg/g

Stay crisp, cool and collected with Sour Apple Pearls, sugar-coated gummies with a juicy, sour apple flavour that explodes on your tongue. Each gummy contains 2 mg of THC. Pearls are bursting with natural flavour, and coated in sugar for a sweet treat no matter where you are. Bring them on the go, enjoy them with friends, or indulge in a night in by yourself because Pearls go with everything. 5 gummies per pack.  Ingredients: Sugars (glucose syrup, sugar), Water, Gelatin (pork), Citric acid, Natural flavour, Malic acid, Modified coconut oil medium chain triglycerides, Cannabis extract, Tartrazine and brilliant blue FCF (colour).






Say hello to your new favourite cannabis gummies, Canada! Versatile gummy Pearls by Grön come in four unique flavours and cannabinoid profiles. With expertly balanced CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC ratios, you can tailor your Pearls experience to your perfect setting. Whether you’re off on a weekend getaway, watching the sunset with friends, or enjoying from home, Pearls go with everything.

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