San Rafael '71 - Cosmic Cream - - Dried Flower
San Rafael '71

San Rafael '71 - Cosmic Cream - - Dried Flower


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THC: 260mg/g - 320mg/g
CBD: 10mg/g

Cosmic Cream by San Rafael ’71 is an impressively high-THC indica bred from original, elite genetics developed by our R&D team at Occo – a world-renowned breeding facility nestled in Comox, BC. This top-tier indica takes you on a nostalgic trip with its comforting aroma, reminiscent of sweet cereal milk with subtle hints of fruit and loamy earth. Dank and dense, Cosmic Cream’s flowers are compact and acorn-shaped with a glistening sheen of visible trichomes. Cultivated under the highest quality standards, San Rafael '71 flower is hang-dried, hand-finished, and carefully hand-bottled with an included humidity pack.




San Rafael '71

San Rafael ‘71 is an award-winning brand that is dedicated to harvesting the best-in-class premium cannabis with innovative, high-THC & terpene rich strains & formats that stay true to classic cannabis culture.

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