Rocket Factory - Pave RNTZ - - Dried Flower
Rocket Factory

Rocket Factory - Pave RNTZ - - Dried Flower


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THC: 200mg/g - 260mg/g
CBD: 20mg/g

A fusion of legendary strains that showcase an explosion of terpene goodness and robust cannabinoid levels, this bud takes bag appeal to another galaxy. Brace yourself for visually stunning flower that sets the gold standard for craft cannabis, delivering an aroma that's out of this world. Picture notes of spice, pepper, and a burst of citrus that's like stepping into a room of your favourite zesty lemon mist. This cultivar is so unique, with its lineage tied to White Runtz and Pavé, we had to bring this to the OCS since it is a beautiful flower that really stood out in our selection process. As with all of Rocket Factory’s flower, the smooth experience is what will keep you coming back for more. Rocket Factory leverages our purpose-built facility and the latest technology to monitor each crop and bring the plants to their full potential.





Rocket Factory

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