Phant - Orange Cream Flavoured THCa Diamonds - - Resin

Phant - Orange Cream Flavoured THCa Diamonds - - Resin


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THC: 840mg/g - 890mg/g
CBD: 20mg/g

The Phant THCa Diamond is extracted with proprietary technology from high quality cannabis strains and crystallized (>97% THCA) that yields a total THC content of up to 890 mg in every gram. The orange cream botanical terpenes are mixed into the diamonds, providing a gentle but pleasant smell. These diamonds burn nicely and have an excellent flavour.



Phant Extracts known for high quality and potent extracts is back making it’s revival in the Canadian Recreational Cannabis Market with pure high potency THCA Diamonds and smooth burning Diamond infused pre-rolls. Known as one of the Original Extract Concentrates’ Brands, Phant uses high-quality strains and the purest extraction techniques so our connoisseur customers get the most honest products available.

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