Kiss Cannabis Shot | 30mL
THC BioMed

Kiss Cannabis Shot | 30mL


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THC: 10mg/mL

THC KISS was developed by THC BioMed using proprietary extraction methods. The guava-flavoured beverage comes in a 30ml container and contains 10mg of THC and 1mg of CBD.





THC BioMed

THC Biomed received a rare exemption research 56 license in 2012, with this they were able to research Cannabis for 5 years before its legalization. Their team of experts have been perfecting the art of cultivating a true quality product. They take growing Cannabis seriously, they didn’t pick just any strains, in fact their team travelled around the world to handpick the perfect strains to cultivate. They wanted to ensure that anyone who tries their cannabis would truly appreciate it for what it really is: An experience. Their BC grown indoor Cannabis is created in small batches, they know that quality doesn’t come in large batches so you can rest assured that each batch gets all the attention & care it needs. They like to give the people what they want- the best possible products for the lowest possible price . THC BioMed is passionate about using sustainable, organic growing methods and using only the purest of nutrients , without pesticides or other exogenous chemicals to grow cannabis.

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