Good Supply - Monsters Golden Guy Infused - 2.38g - Wax
Good Supply

Good Supply - Monsters Golden Guy Infused - 2.38g - Wax


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THC: 380% - 460%
CBD: 20%

The horror! Jean Guy and Golden Goat broke into our lab and “Frankensteined" themselves into one of Canada’s most powerful infused pre-rolls – the Good Supply Monsters. Introducing Golden Guy, made from a mashup of two freaky potent sativa strains into a mouth-dropping pre-roll that packs a freakishly high THC content. This THC giant brings together milled Jean Guy flower that’s been infused with Golden Goat BHO. Rolled in a fat cone to keep it all together & help prevent clogging, it’s coated in wax and then dipped in kief for a creation that’s truly out of this world. For best performance, fully combust the end of the Monster ensuring that the filter and flower is lit, before taking a puff; this will help slow the melting of the external coating & lead to a more even smoke. To put it out, cut off the end of the pre-roll; don’t stub it out or compress the end as you would a standard pre-roll (at least not if you plan on lighting it again).






Good Supply

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