Flowr - Pink Kush - - Dried Flower

Flowr - Pink Kush - - Dried Flower


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THC: 240mg/g - 300mg/g
CBD: 10mg/g

The AVANT Team is bringing back one of the staple OG genetics from the FLOWR brand, grown to craft standards. This indica dominant classic has dense buds that are covered by bright orange hairs, highlighted by a pink hue and sparkling trichomes. A descendant of the legendary OG Kush. Indoor grown, hand trimmed, hang dried, meticulously cured and hand packaged into our glass jars.





Flowr grows high-quality stuff because that’s what they want personally. No compromises. So they’ve surrounded themselves with world-class researchers and growers to keep exploring new strains and formats. The good news for you is that they’re proud to share it. Flowr believes that cannabis is a force for growth and a better world, and they’re working really hard to help users and non-users alike see it that way. Flowr promises to craft consistently exceptional cannabis, and they promise to keep striving to make it better.

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