Cherry Cola 10
Sweet Justice

Cherry Cola 10


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THC: 10mg/mL

Cherry Cola 10 is a throwback to another longtime favourite...the clean, classic taste of Cola balanced with a twist of natural, juicy cherry-forward flavours! Infused with a higher 10mg dose of THC per serving, Cherry Cola 10 is designed for sippers who are more familiar or experienced with cannabis. Imagine drinking a cold, refreshing OG Cola under a cherry tree with ripe, juicy Bing cherries droppin' and exploding into your glass. Keepin' it real with REAL sugar and only 100 calories - keep sipping to your sweet spot!    The Sweet Justice Classics collection of cannabis-infused beverages is inspired by old school craft sodas and mixology recipes which are flavour-forward and familiar - but with a twist. With fewer calories than a traditional alcoholic drink, they're sure to bring added enjoyment and delight to any session.





Sweet Justice

Michigan's first infused sodas! Our sips allow the canna-curious to discover & glide into their sweet spot in an approachable way & the heady enthusiasts to sip while they spark.

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