Cannabiomedic - Frozen Black Cherry - - Dried Flower

Cannabiomedic - Frozen Black Cherry - - Dried Flower


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THC: 240mg/g - 300mg/g
CBD: 60mg/g

Frozen Black Cherry is a cross of Blackberry Moonrocks x Pacific Frost. Both parents shine through all phenos, giving their progeny the best traits. Frozen Black Cherry grows rapidly (8-9 weeks) into a bushy and super frosty plant. Indoor, the plants reach rather a medium size, up to 140cm. Outdoor they grow taller and can hit even 220cm. The resin production starts rapidly after flowering begins, peaking at the end of blooming when all buds are literally soaked in resin. In addition to the thick layer of ice, the buds are super hard and full of fruity sweet flavour, which is a composition of juicy cherry and red berries notes that add sourness. The yield is also impressive, Indoor up to 500g/m² and Outdoor around 1000 g per plant. Yield quality can be further enhanced by using a UVB lamp during the last 3 weeks of flowering. This helps push THC levels to the above-average levels that the strain is genetically designed for.





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