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MADGE AND MERCER Modern Apothecary

MADGE AND MERCER is the first cannabis brand that is research- and science-based designed exclusively for women. Each formulation is proprietary, built from a recipe (rather than strain-dependent) and developed to focus on the wellness needs of women. The end result is a range of products created to exacting specification, with precision predictability and batch-to-batch consistency. Founded by a female entrepreneur motivated by her own personal wellness journey as well as by the many women she met along the way, MADGE AND MERCER is designed by women for women. Our team of professionals and experts ensures that there is a demanding rigour at every step of design, development and execution; at the very core is an authentic desire to share. MADGE AND MERCER MODERN APOTHECARY is designed for living well and seamlessly integrates into a woman’s wellness regime and self-care toolkit.