Valentine’s date night ideas for Cannabis lovers

Valentine’s date night ideas for Cannabis lovers

Roses are red;

Violets are blue.

My favourite person

To get high with is you!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Have you figured out a plan? We’ve got you covered. One of these Valentine date ideas for cannabis lovers is sure to please that special someone in your life. If you are lucky enough to have a partner who loves the reefer as much as you do, show them how much you love them this Valentine’s Day with one of our date night ideas for cannabis loving couples.

Romantic dinner in, with wine and weed. Open up the sauvignon blanc and light up a j to set the mood for the evening. Next, bring out the Oysters, on ice, served with fresh lemons. If you are near TOKE Cannabis Toronto, located at Bloor and Landsdowne, try Island Oysters. This excellent oyster shop is located at Bartlett and Bloor and they have everything you need to make Valentine’s day extra slurpy and sexy. Follow with a strawberry cashew salad – the cut-up strawberries look kind of like pink hearts, how cute. The star main course will be the steaks – cooked perfectly, with roasted root vegetables on the side. Finish it all off with a beautiful cherry cheesecake. As a post dessert dessert, try Sour Megamelon gummies by SHRED’EMS. (They have a delightfully suggestive colour and form, and a sour watermelon flavour.)

The big Ontario winter shebang. Stay at a ski hill for a weekend (or better yet, midweek) getaway. Ski or snowboard in the day, smoke spliffs and chill in a hot tub in the evening, and let the romance follow. Or perhaps it is more up your alley to go icefishing together and shack up in an ice bungalow? Or do some cross-country skiing or snow shoeing? Skating? A nice winter hike in the forest? Ontario has a myriad of winter fun opportunities, so take your love and do something fun outdoors together to celebrate your love! When you are packing your bags, don’t forget to stop at your favourite local cannabis store, or order online cannabis delivery, from It will be sure to bring a smile to his or her face when you pull out a nice joint at the end of the night. Bonus points if you decorate your rolling papers with hearts. (Be sure not to use the toxic markers!)

Go for an overnight in Niagara Falls. Take in the falls in their wintry glory, when they become an amazing frozen landscape like none other. The ice buildups create the illusion of frozen falls with icicles framing the bordering edges and a frozen mist blanketing the frozen trees, creating a winter wonderland. The falls are also lit up at night, a beautiful visual display perfect for watching snuggled close to your honey. And be sure to stop at TOKE Niagara Falls, on Lundy’s Lane. Grab some Mule Fuel pre-rolls to fuel your buzz as you enjoy all the fun Niagara Falls has to offer. Enjoy a walk through the Winter Festival of Lights, by Ontario Power Generation, Canada’s largest free outdoor light festival. The display features 3 million lights and 75+ dazzling displays. What could be more beautiful and romantic than a night with your special someone, glowing in the dazzling lights?

Crafty Gift from the Heart. Make them a crafty and playful scrapbook, with your nicknames for each other, your funny sayings, and of course, the cutest photos of your fun times together. It will literally bring a tear to their eye. Perfect for those in the lovey-dovey phase of their relationship. Before you get crafty, don’t forget to get your smoke on to help the flow of creative juices!

To maximize your creativity while you get your vape on, try Daize’s Lemon Limo, a pure cannabis extract sourced from premium sativa-dominant cannabis flower, rich in Limonene. Experience flavourful, terpene-rich full spectrum cannabis extract – no fillers, no additives, pure flavour, the way the plant meant it to be. Lemon Limo tastes like zesty citrus fruit, with a hint of sweet spice. Kickstart your morning or ignite your creativity with Lemon Limo, the most energetic of the Daize full spectrum vape line up.

Bake pot brownies together. Then eat them, while you play a game of strip poker. Don’t forget the whipped cream. Then, massage each other with cannabis infused massage oil, such as Proofly Warming CBD Massage Oil. And let the evening go from there….

For the perfect dosing for your pot brownies, use Twist n’ Drop by Bake Sale. Twist n’ Drop is an easy way to add a predictable dose of ingestible distillate to any pre-made food at a very low cost per dose. Each turn of the innovative Twist n Drop device will dispense one “drop” containing approximately 12.5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC. Made with MCT oil, our high quality distillate stays where it’s placed and has minimal cannabis taste and smell, making it ideal for topping pre-made baked goods. Cause you want to have a nice buzz, not be rendered completely comatose!

Last minute desperation gift. Oh crap! It’s the morning of February 14th and you forgot to do anything for Valentines Day! What will you do? If your honey loves sweet Mary Jane, head over to your nearest TOKE Cannabis, and your friendly budtender will help you find the perfect gift. We carry many cannabis options in adorable pink and red valentine coloured packaging! You can choose between bath bombs, cannabis chocolates, intimacy oil, soft chews in a variety of delectable and exotic flavours (Pomegranate! Mango!), lip balms, pre-rolls, and of course, big ol’ bags of bud!

Treat yourself. As they very perfectly say over at TOKE Cannabis Midland, “Doesn’t matter if you are treating someone else or you’re spoiling yourself this Valentines Day, we’ve got something for everyone.” Whether you are spending V-day with your dog, your goldfish, your best friend, or even your pot smoking mom, may as well make it special with some beautiful, flavourful bud from TOKE Cannabis!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!