The perfect Halloween weed… trick-or-treat yourself!

The perfect Halloween weed… trick-or-treat yourself!

Halloween is a time for spooky neighbourhood walks, masquerading in a costume of your own creation and fantasy, re-watching your favourite scary movies, and of course, chowing down on boatloads of mouth-watering Halloween candy. What better time to hit up the cannabis store, or make an order for cannabis delivery from your favourite online dispensary! Here are some tips on cannabis products to really enhance your Halloween experience!

Halloween is one of our favourite times of year for a good old-fashioned spooky walk. We love visiting a pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkin, and walking around our ‘hood to look at our neighbours’ eerie Halloween decorations. For an energetic and active buzz, try weed from a top-notch online dispensary featuring terpinolene, limonene or beta-caryoplyllene. To zen out looking at fall leaves in the forest (or city), try a cannabis product featuring pinene, which is associated with gentle euphoria, creative inspiration, and full body relaxation, such as Saturday’s Lemon Z.

Halloween is the ideal opportunity to really get your creative juices flowing, by making or putting together the most perfect costume of your own creation and fantasy. Bring on the glitter, sequins, boas…or fake blood and gore! Paint your entire body fluorescent green. Be you! For a creative frame of mind, try hitting up your favourite legal cannabis dispensary for a cannabis variety such as Good Supply’s Jack Herer.

So many epic movies are Halloween movies! This is THE time of year to rewatch The Exorcist, Poltergeist, Bride of Chucky – or every single SimpsonsTreehouse of Horrors ever created. For the most perfect chill on the couch and watch a Halloween movie buzz, try some weed from your favourite local cannabis store and online dispensary, such as White Widow or OG Kush.

Halloween candy is most definitely not ‘just for kids’ – it is for the kid inside of us all! Some of us love ketchup chips, others fancy peanut buttery chocolates, others crave the iconic candy necklace, with a side of gummy worms, jujubes and sour cherries. Or, who are we kidding? All of the above! To really enjoy your candy feast, try something from the weed store featuring the terpenes myrcene, b-caryoplyllene or limonene. For example, try Pure Sunfarms’ Island Honey.

For a peaceful sleep after the perfect Halloween, try an evening spliff spun up with some indica from a top rated cannabis store. Try marijuana products featuring the terpenes myrcene, linalool or beta pinene. We’re loving Strawberry Twist by Sundial or Natural History’s Crescendo