Joint, Spliff, or Blunt: Different Ways to Roll Your Cannabis

Joint, Spliff, or Blunt: Different Ways to Roll Your Cannabis

As the cannabis industry grows there is also a growing number of ways of consuming cannabis. One of the more recently popular ways of consuming cannabis is vaping. Some may think this is an easier or more convenient way of smoking cannabis while others want to stick to the classics and roll their cannabis. For those who are cannabis enthusiasts, rolled cannabis is the tried and true way of smoking. It involves some level of skill and has become somewhat of an art over the years and many people take pride in the way they’re able to roll their cannabis.

There are three main methods of rolling cannabis that are defined by cannabis and tobacco content as well as the material used to roll it; the joint, spliff, and blunt.

The Joint

The joint is probably the most well known, and arguably the most popular, method of rolling cannabis. Joints consist of only cannabis flower rolled into a thin rolling paper that is typically white. There are many different types of rolling papers, including novelty papers that are flavoured. Papers can be made out of many materials including hemp, rice, and others. The type of paper is typically chosen based on personal preference based on factors such as ease of rolling (doesn’t tear and seals easily), how it feels in the hand as well as how uniformly it burns. It seems as though hemp paper is quickly becoming a favourite for its ease of use and its strength.

Joints are often relatively small so they can be easily portable but that is not always the case and can vary significantly in size.

When rolling joints some people add a filter which can be purchased, or made at home typically out of thin cardboard. A filter adds stability to the joint, prevents the cannabis from slipping out of the joint into your mouth, and protects your fingers from burning.

The Spliff

A spliff is rolled in a similar manner to a joint although it contains tobacco as well as dried cannabis. There is no exact ratio of cannabis to tobacco required to roll a spliff, it is up to those who are consuming it. Some may add tobacco to their cannabis (i.e. more cannabis than tobacco), some may add cannabis to their tobacco, and some may have the ratio somewhat even. Although it is important when sharing with others to inform them of the presence of tobacco as well as how much.

Looks-wise, a spliff often looks indistinguishable from a joint and may also be rolled with a filter. Some people choose not to twist the tip of the spliff to make it look different, although this is not ideal for travelling.

Spliffs tend to be more popular in Europe than in North America, so many Canadians who are used to rolling joints may be confused as to why you’d mix cannabis and tobacco. For those who are not already consuming tobacco, we do not want to encourage you to do so as the negative impacts are well documented, but here are some of the reasons behind mixing cannabis and tobacco.

Some say that mixing tobacco with cannabis makes it roll easier and smoke more evenly, it allows for cannabis to go slightly further if you smoke the same amount, and it can be more discrete. In areas where public consumption of cannabis is not permitted something that smells more like tobacco can be more discrete, but the negative is that you then also smell more like tobacco and it can also interfere with the taste of the cannabis.

The Blunt

A blunt is cannabis rolled inside of a cigar or blunt paper. This type of paper is made from tobacco so it gives the smoker that little bit of an extra energizing buzz (but not as much as with a spliff). Since a blunt is essentially an emptied out cigar that is refilled with cannabis it’s generally bigger than a typical joint and of course, appears different due to the difference in paper. Because the paper is thicker it can be helpful to moisten it slightly before placing the cannabis inside to prevent cracks and breaks.

Tips on How to Roll a Joint, Spliff or Blunt

Rolling cannabis has become somewhat of an art and many cannabis users take pride in their ability to roll effective and creative joints. That being said there are a few basic steps involved in rolling a joint, which can also translate into rolling a spliff or blunt.

Grind the dried flower. Using a grinder helps to keep your fingers from getting sticky and therefore sticking to the joint paper. If you don’t have a grinder you can use scissors.
Make a filter (optional). Thin cardboard is the best material to make a filter, think about the thickness of a business card. Cut the cardboard into a thin strip the width you’d like to be and then roll it to the desired thickness.
Fill the joint on your chosen paper. Don’t forget to put the filter at one end when filling the joint.
Pack the joint. Pinch the paper between your fingertips and roll it back and forth between them to pack the cannabis down into the thin shape of a joint.
Roll and Twist. Tuck the unglued side of the paper into the roll and roll it up. Use the glued edge, with a little bit of moisture to close the joint. It can be helpful to start rolling with the filter side as a guide.Pac
Pack the end of the joint by pressing it down to the filter and then twist the tip, particularly if you don’t plan to consume it right away.

Of course, this is not the only method of rolling a joint. Once you have the basics down you can get more creative and find different ways to roll your cannabis that work for you or are more artistic.

Still curious about the different ways of consuming cannabis? At TOKE we are excited to talk to you about anything cannabis-related and can help you to determine the best consumption method for you. And even give you tips on rolling.