For the Love of Jack: All about Jack Herer

For the Love of Jack: All about Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of our favourite strains of cannabis ever. The bud, the buzz, the activist and the author: Who was Jack Herer, and why is there a bomb strain of weed named after him?

The bud

Jack Herer is a sativa dominant hybrid by Sensi Seeds, which was developed in the Netherlands in the 80s or 90s. It is a very popular strain which has won numerous awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup. The strain was named after cannabis activist Jack Herer in honour of his work. It is a cross between Haze, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. Descendants of Jack Herer include: Amnesia Haze, Somango, OG Skunk #1, and Critical Jack.

The buzz

The buzz is a mix of relaxed and stimulated, as well as creative, positive, and uplifted. Jack Herer for these reasons is a go-to for a lot of people! It is good for day time and for getting stuff done! It is definitely hazy, and it is said to be good for anxiety. This strain offers a clear, motivating, and creative high.

Here are what reviewers have to say about the Jack Herer buzz:

Juliesky: “Wow! What a great experience! It makes you focus, wanting to undertake new projects, definitely not a couching effect. It doesn’t give you the munchies, but put you in a very pleasant euphoria and happiness! Definitely use it during the day! Totally recommend it!”

Sativa Steve: “old Jack here is the perfect ratio of sativas and indicas. The perfect blend, as they say… The high starts out with a nice, crisp hit of energy. This is followed up by soothing indica full bodied pain relief and a feeling of mental calm and focus. I would recommend this strain for the afternoons right up through early evening time. Its a nice, crisp, refreshing, clear-headed, talkative, insightful, and creative high. At high enough doses, Jack can become downright psychedelic, with enhanced colors and sounds, and a feeling of inner joy and bliss that will last for hours. This is probably the best strain for depression there is out there.”

Jackie Raye: “One of my favorite strains for daytime use and/or to relieve anxiety. No couchlock, no fold-yourself-into-your-own-head. Good “get stuff done” with a smile effect.”

(from Wikileaf reviews)

Jack Herer: Cannabis Activist

Jack Herer (1939–2010) was an early glass pipe entrepreneur, head shop owner, cannabis and hemp activist, and author. He agitated for the legalization of cannabis, as well as for its recognition as a super plant, if you will – a source of fuel, medicine, food, fibre and paper, which can be grown almost anywhere in the world. He argued that the U.S. government was deliberately suppressing and sabotaging the great potential of cannabis plants, for nefarious reasons. Herer ran for United States President twice, in 1988 and 1992 as the Grassroots Party candidate. He was an extremely engaging cannabis activist who traveled across the United States as a public speaker.

In his book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes (1985) Jack Herer detailed the use of cannabis and hemp throughout history. Herer argued that “Cannabis hemp is part of our cultural, spiritual, and physiological heritage, and was the backbone of our most stable and long surviving cultures.” He argues that “America’s marijuana/hemp laws are like the Emperor’s clothes! Like tyrants and prohibitionists in the past, this Emperor relies on brute force, intimidation, fear and a virtual police state to maintain his authoritarian, despotic reign while draining the federal treasury, dismantling all vestiges of the Bill of Rights while imprisoning innocent souls.”

Herer called for amnesty and reparations for cannabis prisoners.

“Justice demands nothing less than the lifting of all penalties (criminal and civil) and the removal of all restraints upon the cultivation and use – both smoking and non-smoking uses – of this, our most remarkable plant.

Prisoners being held for the peaceful, non-violent possession, sale, transport or cultivation of cannabis hemp must be released immediately. Money and property seized must be returned. Criminal records must be wiped clean, amnesty granted and some sort of reparations paid for time served. These cannabis prisoners are the real victims of this monstrous crime against humanity called the “War on Drugs.””

Jack Herer wanted his book to be made available to the pubic and the full text is available for free at

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