Decadent dessert cannabis strains to brighten your day

Decadent dessert cannabis strains to brighten your day

TOKE Cannabis offers a wide selection of dessert themed cannabis strains, to really engage your senses and delight your palate. You can not only order desserts for delivery from your favourite restaurants, but you can also order dessert themed weed for same day delivery or immediate instore pick up from your favourite cannabis online store! Or of course, you can also pick up these delectable strains in person, at our cannabis retail stores. Here are some of our delightful current offerings!

Orange Layer Cake, by Potluck Cannabis. Who would want to miss a potluck dinner party serving up a luxurious orange layer cake for dessert? This orange pistil covered bud is truly a delight to break up and roll, as its fresh orange sugar cake aroma tickles your nose. Orange Layer Cake has a THC content of 16-22% and it is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. This beautiful cannabis is enjoyable to smoke, and the buzz hits right away. It gives a high which is perhaps best described as “uplifting, but noticeably sedative.” One might expect something orange flavoured to be energizing and invigorating, but the buzz is in fact more of a euphoric daze. Orange Layer Cake gives a nice body buzz, and it also has been known to bring about motivation and focus. The dominant terpenes are the uplifting terpinolene, and the relaxing myrcene and limonene. Fun Fact: the Layer Cake cannabis strains have a fascinating parentage that is, itself, in fact, “layered.” This is how the strain derived its name. The four parent strains are Triangle Kush, Skunk, GMO, and Wedding Cake, with the first two strains crossed at the beginning, and the resulting strain crossed with GMO, and then, with Wedding Cake. For a truly decadent experience, we recommend smoking Orange Layer Cake and then subsequently eating a real-life orange layer cake. Or perhaps, in a pinch, some canned mandarin oranges covered in whipped cream would hit the spot.

Chocolope, by Emerald Health Therapeutics. If you love chocolate, and you love coffee, you will most likely also love Chocolope, a lovely and energizing sativa pick, featuring terpinolene as the dominant terpene. Emerald Health Therapeutics’ Chocolope, which is grown in Quebec, rings in at 20-26% THC. The Chocolope strain is also known as “D-Line.” It is a popular sativa strain made by crossing Chocolate ThaI (a legendary landrace strain) with Cannalope Haze (which is famous for fighting fatigue – just what we all need these days). The result is a delicious homage to the chocolate cannabis strains that were popular in the 1980s. Chocolope has a mouth-watering flavour profile, which is heavily reminiscent of a sweet mug of morning coffee, served with a small side of rich, dark chocolate. Covered in sticky trichomes, Chocolope is sure to delight. The buzz is also very nice. Chocolope gives a dreamy cerebral effect. The buzz has been described on Leafly as similar to Durban Poison (a famously energizing strain) and Pineapple Haze. One smoker glowingly praised it as a “amazing heady buzzing energetic strain. If you are a writer, if you are a musician, this is the kind of stuff you want.” It is an apt description. Chocolope will perk you up, like coffee, and leave you feeling delightfully buzzed, yet clear-headed enough to actually accomplish your daily tasks. Which may or may not include binging on some cantaloupe dipped in chocolate fondue.

Gelato Mint, by Tribal. Mint lovers, here is something for you! As its name suggests, Gelato Mint smells like a fresh mint dessert with earthy pine undertones You can really feel the minty tingle when you smoke it! Gelato Mint is an Indica, with a THC level of 21-27%. Tribal’s Gelato Mint is hang dried, slow cured in curing barrels, and hand trimmed for final packaging. Gelato Mint is an Indica-dominant strain that produces elevated levels of terpenes. The beautiful dark green buds are coated with trichomes, purple sugar leaves, and amber-colored pistils. Gelato Mints comes in a novel and unexpected metal and plastic airtight can, which is reminiscent of opening up a nostalgic tinned Del Monte fruit cup. The air-tight tin can is the perfect way to seal in the ultimate freshness The producer, Tribal, describes Gelato Mints as producing “an enjoyable relaxing high with minimal effects on lucidity.” We recommend enjoying a nice Gelato Mints joint and then proceeding directly to your nearest ice cream shop for a refreshing mint chocolate chip cone! Or, if you simply can’t bear the thought of ice cream on a frigid February evening, try it with a nice steamy mug of mint hot chocolate!

Natural History’s Fruit Cake. The Christmas season is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Fruit Cake all year round! Fruit Cake, from Natural History, is a high-THC hybrid cultivar with 20-25% THC. This lovely dried flower has a terpene profile of Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, resulting in enjoyably spicy, peppery, and pineapple aromas. Connoisseurs can truly enjoy the mixture of colours in the Fruit Cake flower, as the dominant colour changes from purple to green as it travels down the plant. Fruit Cake is fully cultivated indoors, in precision-controlled laboratory conditions. All Natural History cannabis, including Fruit Cake, is thoughtfully hung to dry, hand trimmed and cured for a minimum of 10 days. According to Natural History, “unlike a traditional fruitcake, this cultivar is a favourite you’ll want to keep on hand for all occasions.” The lineage itself just sounds mouth watering: the parent strains are Cookies & Cream mixed with Plum Wine. The grandparents include Girl Scout Cookies and Dosidos. What a delicious cannabis family tree!

Kandy Kush Grind, by Steel City Green. Let them eat cake! As for us, sometimes, we just want candy! Say hello to Kandy Kush Grind by Steel City Green, a tasty indica dominant hybrid strain with a high THC potential, ranging from 16-21% THC. Created by crossing parent strains OG Kush and Trainwreck, a fruity, pine-like aroma is to be expected from this strain, complemented by a sweet citrus flavour. Kandy Kush Grind is super convenient for those who don’t feel like rolling a joint. It features whole flower milled to perfection. In addition to being ready to roll, is also great for packing a bowl on your pipe, or for vaping. Prominent terpenes in Candy Kush Grind include caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. The strain pairs well with gummy bears, sour keys and fuzzy peach slices!