5 Ontario Licensed Producers We’re Excited About

5 Ontario Licensed Producers We’re Excited About

Licensed Producers (LPs) aim to produce some of the best cannabis that Canadians can find, and these LPs are working hard to get the attention of the consumer.

Licensed Producers are cannabis companies that have a license from Health Canada to grow legal cannabis, which is then sold to the provincial governments, and is then sold to cannabis retail stores like TOKE so that it can end up in the hands of the consumer.

Licensed Producers across Canada are vast, and take different forms. For instance, some, like Aurora are large-scale producers, and would use advanced instrumentation and machinery to cultivate, cure and trim their cannabis. In contrast, smaller LPs like Jonny Chronic that we will feature below use small-batch, hang-dried and hand-trimmed techniques to provide cannabis to the end consumer. We think that each Licensed Producer has something unique to offer, and we look forward to it being part of our jobs to vet LPs and products, so we are sure to serve TOKE’s customers with the best of the best.

Since we’re located in Ontario, we’d like to feature some of this province’s LPs that have cropped up. Here’s a few we have our eyes on, which are sure to please our customers. Jonny Chronic

Jonny Chronic, which is the recreational brand of LP JC Green, has switched their focus from the ‘how’ of growing cannabis, as they believe their team of cultivators have “mastered the ways to grow a better breed of cannabis”, to a focus on the ‘why’. Jonny Chronic’s goal is to grow with purpose. What does that mean to them? Growing with purpose not only means a premium quality medicinal cannabis product but one that is grown with care and with sustainability in mind. Sustainability includes a priority for building a community in Thorndale Ontario, partially through prioritizing staff from the local area, and giving back to their community through charitable work, donations, and food drives. Jonny Chronic’s products are small-batch, hang dried, and hand-trimmed, with every bud passing a thorough inspection before being packaged.

At present, Jonny Chronic is not sold in Ontario, but we’ve been keeping a close eye on this LP to make sure that as soon as it’s available, we get some of their Cherry Bomb and Black Indica on our shelves. 7-Acres

Owned by the cannabis company, Supreme, 7 Acres has been licensed to produce cannabis since 2016. 7-Acres market themselves as “high-end cannabis for enthusiasts”. What does high end mean? To 7-Acres high end means the best genetics, aroma, appearance, size and texture. They achieve this through thoughtfully selecting genetics to maximize aroma and flavour, thoughtfully raised in a sunlight rich environment with active plant management, and engaging in whole-plant curing and finishing by hand. They define active plant management as using “macro-adjustments to reduce the number of flowers produced per plant, and micro-adjustments to ensure consistent top-flowers.”

We’ve been loving getting to know some of 7-Acres’ strains, which include Jack Haze, Jean Guy, Sensi Star, Wappa and White Widow. Green Organic Dutchman

The Green Organic Dutchman is focused on organic growing, sustainability principles, as well as a commitment to their local community including the impact on agriculture and biodiversity. They have made a commitment to a growing process that involves living soil, natural sunlight, and purified rainwater without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. They also strive to be more sustainable by using less water, less energy, and having less packaging when possible as well as packaging that is more environmentally friendly (i.e. using recyclable containers and less plastic). Their production takes place on an 100-acre farm in Ancaster, Ontario.

Currently, they cultivate Equinox, Solstice, Discover, Unite, Care, and Harmony, and we look forward to bringing some of these strains to TOKE. Indiva

London, Ontario based Indiva says their mission is “to normalize the use of cannabis by setting new standards for quality, creativity, and sustainability.” They not only cultivate cannabis flower but also have their own lines of edibles including; Wana sour gummies, Bhang Chocolate, Ruby sugar, Sapphire salt, and Gems.

White Russian, Jack Herer, Cold Creek Kush, and Super Silver Haze, are some of the strains that Indiva is known for. High Park

High Park is located close to Sarnia, Ontario, and began under the guidance of Tilray, their parent company and one of the first licensed cannabis producers in Canada. Tilray is not only respected within Canada, but around the world, as they supply medical cannabis products to fifteen countries around the world.

High Park takes pride in the diversity within its consumer-driven brands which include; Canaca, Chowie Wowie, Marley Natural, Rmdy, The Batch, Irisa, Goodship, Grail, Yukon Rove, and Dubon.

What Makes Ontario’s Cannabis Special

It’s always been British Columbia that has been hailed as the “mecca” of cannabis in Canada. We get it – everyone loves BC bud, and for a long time, it has and will reign supreme as far as its legacy. However, Ontario is showing itself to be the dark horse of the cannabis industry. We have some of the most talented growers, fervent activists, and smartest businesspeople in the province, making Ontario an epicentre for good cannabis in Canada. With Ontario being so vast from the Southern part of the province that is known for cultivating its tomatoes, to the GTA which is known for its innovation, to the Northern part of the country known for its rustic vibe.

We’re proud to feature some of Ontario’s finest cannabis in TOKE, and look forward to also bringing cannabis from all over our great nation to our store. If you find a particular brand, product, or Licensed Producer that you’d like to see in store, don’t hesitate to let us know. At TOKE, we’re always into hearing customer feedback and providing products that our customers actually want.

We look forward to serving you with some of Canada and Ontario’s finest cannabis at TOKE.