Seeds for sale!

15 February 2022 – Posted in: Cannabis Education, Cannabis Growers, Cannabis Varieties, The Science of Cannabis

Are you looking for a new hobby, that could have some rewarding results?  Do you enjoy gardening? Did you know that TOKE Cannabis offers cannabis seeds, so you can try your hand at growing your own cannabis at home?   The benefits of growing your own cannabis are many. Feel good gardening vibes. Growing your own cannabis has the same benefits as growing vegetables or fruits in your home garden. A fresh red raspberry or black currant…

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Indica Roundup

26 November 2021 – Posted in: Cannabis Flavour Profiles, Cannabis Growers, Cannabis in Canada, Terpenes, THC There is something to really appreciate about a good indica.  Here, we showcase some of the awesome indica and indica-dominant cannabis products available at TOKE Cannabis! Animal Mints by Back Forty Animal Mints is a popular choice for indica lovers!  It is a cross between the strains Animal Cookies and SinMint Cookies. The Animal Mints strain is rather strong – at 22% THC  - and it can reach even higher potencies of up to 25%. … Continue reading

For the Love of Jack: All about Jack Herer

17 November 2021 – Posted in: Cannabis Buzz, Cannabis Growers, Cannabis in History, Cannabis Varieties, Legalization of Cannabis Jack Herer is one of our favourite strains of cannabis ever.  The bud, the buzz, the activist and the author:  Who was Jack Herer, and why is there a bomb strain of weed named after him? The bud Jack Herer is a sativa dominant hybrid by Sensi Seeds, which was developed in the Netherlands in the 80s or 90s.  It is a very popular strain which has won numerous awards, including the High Times Cannabis… Continue reading