Wagners - Cherry Jam Blunt - 1x1g - Pre-Rolls

Wagners - Cherry Jam Blunt - 1x1g - Pre-Rolls


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THC: 210mg/g - 270mg/g
CBD: 60mg/g

A hybrid strain that delivers a wonderfully balanced smoke, toeing the line perfectly between indica and sativa. The contrast between light and deep greens, broken up by big hits of purple, create a striking camouflage effect. Cherry Jam gives off aromas of sweet fruit and an almost skunky Christmas cake. The smoke itself is smooth, flavourful and can be described as sour cherry with rich dried fruits. At WAGNERS, we believe in hard work and well-made cannabis. Our Cherry Jam pre-rolls are just that, well-made. Now in a blunted wrapped format.






Accomplishment and hard work go hand in hand. WAGNERS grow Well Made Weed to create a product we all deserve. How do you grow weed well? Simple, workhard, don’t cut corners, make mistakes, learn from them, and always look to improve. The whole team at WAGNERS make a promise to each other that they will give it our all so that at the end of the day, we can kick back and smoke some Well Made Weed.

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