Tropicali Live Terpene Collective Cartridge | 1g
Little Farma

Tropicali Live Terpene Collective Cartridge | 1g


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THC: 800mg/g - 860mg/g

A legacy market favourite from B.C. little farma introduces this 1g vape cart filled with their exceptional Tropicali formulation. Tropicali delivers the essence of California with fresh citrus, tropical fruit, and berry flavours. Live terpene sauce is infused in cannabis distillate for an authentic flavour profile. The live terpenes are derived from fresh frozen flower that is run through a hydrocarbon extraction process to deliver the broadest cannabinoid and flavonoid profile that is true-to-flower.





Little Farma

When you want the best, you want Little Farma. Out here in the mountains of British Columbia, we’ve been perfecting our craft for years. We know cannabis. And we put all our love and research into it. For the purists and the passionate, this is it.

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