Sour Passion Fruit Soft Chew
Fly North

Sour Passion Fruit Soft Chew


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THC: 9mg/g - 10mg/g
CBD: 0.1mg/g

Infused with a natural passion fruit flavour and 10 mg of THC, Fly North soft chews are carefully crafted with a high quality of ingredients to produce a savoury taste with a touch of sour. Each chew is made with a high quality cannabis distillate. Fly North's soft chew flavours are deliberately selected to ensure a superior taste. Intense flavour and premium raw ingredients demonstrate Fly North's commitment to providing consumers with a premium product that is affordable.





Fly North

On a mission? FAR OUT! Fly North ingredients are TOP shelf. Premium inputs including the tastiest flavours, vibrant colours, top quality distillate that’s taste tested from seed to sale, and many other goodies that make FLY NORTH edibles your go to... AND a price tag that won’t break the bank.

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