Sour Cherry & Sour Peach Soft Chews
San Rafael '71

Sour Cherry & Sour Peach Soft Chews


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THC: 0.52mg/g
CBD: 0.02mg/g

Sour Cherry & Sour Peach Live Resin Soft Chews by San Rafael ’71 is a 4-pack of 2x Sour Cherry and 2x Sour Peach flavoured soft chews each infused with pure and premium Pink Kush Live Resin extract. Soft and chewy, every soft chew comes dusted in tangy crystals delivering sour flavour with minimal cannabis aftertaste. San Rafael '71 live resin is made from fresh frozen cannabis flower using a closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction system designed to maximize cannabinoid and terpene content.




San Rafael '71

San Rafael ‘71 is an award-winning brand that is dedicated to harvesting the best-in-class premium cannabis with innovative, high-THC & terpene rich strains & formats that stay true to classic cannabis culture.

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