Reef Organic - Atlantic Glue - - Dried Flower
Reef Organic

Reef Organic - Atlantic Glue - - Dried Flower


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THC: 285mg/g - 350mg/g
CBD: 20mg/g

Husky, resin-covered buds caked in large milky trichomes fill the room with pungent earthy and sour aromas. Registering at impressive THC and terpene content dominated by caryophyllene and farnesene, it produces notes of diesel, spice, sour fruit and ground coffee.




Reef Organic

Reef Organic Cannabis from Aqualitas Canada's First Clean Green Certified Company This certification provides you the assurance that the products you’re purchasing are certified organically grown and/or processed using international organic and sustainable cultivation practices. It is also a recognition of the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance, quality, and environmental stewardship.

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