Nugz - Joints - 12x0.6g - Pre-Rolls

Nugz - Joints - 12x0.6g - Pre-Rolls


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THC: 210% - 270%
CBD: 10%

You told us what you wanted, and we went back to the drawing board. After long R&D sessions (cough-cough), we emerged with something great for everyone! A pre-roll multi pack! Nugz Joints are comprised of single-source genetics from our rare genetics library, rolled to perfection and protected by the fry pack. You can expect classics like Gelato Mint and Cuban Linx to make an appearance, as well as our new to market strains such as Galactic Rntz, Triple Burger and Terple. Great for the bulk smoker and a great go-to for the person who is looking to gift something exceptional to their crew. Nugz Joints are built to please.






Nugz gives it to you straight. No hold backs, no compromise, no corners cut. Nugz cannabis is undoubtedly some of the best weed you’ll smoke at the most affordable price. Cultivated in their facilities in Farnham and Valleyfield, QC, they’re upping the game a notch, and they’re only getting started. Stay tuned for more.

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