LA Kush Cake
Top Leaf

LA Kush Cake


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THC: 23% - 29%
CBD: 1%

Lineage: Kush Mints X Wedding Cake Both scrumptiously smooth and surprisingly strong, Top Leaf LA Kush Cake is proof that sometimes it is possible to have your cake and smoke it too. Treat yourself to a sweet vanilla scent and indulge in its minty flavor―this easy smoking indica really does take the cake.




Top Leaf

Anyone can grow some weed, but Top Leaf isn't "anyone" and they don't grow "some" weed. They were founded by cannabis enthusiasts fueled by the desire to create the best. They want rich, full-bodied cannabis, with complex terpene profiles, mid-to-high THC potency, and that little something special that makes you say "Wow" the first time you take a puff. To use the colloquial: they wanted "the good sh*t."

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