King Tut Pre-Roll 7-pack | 3.5g

King Tut Pre-Roll 7-pack | 3.5g


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THC: 17% - 23%
CBD: 1.5%

Immerse yourself with our Starfighter pre roll pack which is a celestial-inspired cannabis strain that is a perfect companion for those seeking strong THC potency potential of earthy tones with a crisp, citrus finish. Packaged conveniently as a set of seven prerolls, each containing 0.5 grams, this bundle offers a ready-to-use, no-hassle experience for both cannabis veterans and newcomers alike. With this, you'll encounter a bold blend of sweet lemon and earthy pine. These flavors give way to subtle undertones of skunky, diesel notes, demonstrating the intricate character of this unique strain. These pre rolls are made under exceptional growing practices - indoor grown (pesticide free), hand-harvested, hung dried, hand-manicured, and cured for 21 days. Pre-rolls are produced directly from non-irradiated, dense, and frosty buds of the Starfighter dried flower, ensuring no stems, no sticks, and no shake - just pure, compact dried flowers.





Experience the depths of legendary strains wrapped in loud potency and affordability. 1Spliff pre-rolls are sustainably produced directly from the flower/bud and packaged into eco-friendly, high quality, laboratory tested, premium cones and available in quantities of 7 at .5 grams.

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