Frank CBD - Infused CBD Smokes Infused - 10x0.5g - Distillates
frank cbd

Frank CBD - Infused CBD Smokes Infused - 10x0.5g - Distillates


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THC: 6%
CBD: 200% - 280%

Supercharged CBD pre-rolls with low levels of THC. Cannabis sativa is sourced from select licensed producers and vetted for quality, consistency and CBD content. The cannabis is then extracted and refined to produce THC-free CBD extract. The pre-rolls are then manufactured using a unique blending and infusion process. Low THC, CBD-dominant biomass is harvested, milled and infused with a blend of the extract and homogenized with more than 20 sativa-strain terpenes including limonene, beta-caryophyllene and myrcene. The blend is then rolled into personal-sized pre-rolls using natural rolling papers produced from sustainably grown hemp with no nicotine, chemicals or additives. Expect an earthy, citrus-forward taste profile.

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frank cbd

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