Dab Bods - Grape Ape Live Resin - - 510 Thread Cartridges
Dab Bods

Dab Bods - Grape Ape Live Resin - - 510 Thread Cartridges


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THC: 760mg/g - 840mg/g
CBD: 1mg/g - 5mg/g

DAB Bods Grape Ape Live Resin Vape Cart – this indica leaning hybrid brings to you the bright juicy flavours of our popular Grape Ape. Sweet berry and grape are noted in the distinct flavour this vape cart produces. Pure live resin – no artificial fillers or distillate, this terpene-rich live-resin vape sauce boasts the namesake’s original flavours and aroma profiles, perfect for those who seek a pure and unfettered representation of this sought-after strain. Featuring a complex mix of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that have been extracted via hydrocarbon processing (BHO), this unique vape cart offers an experience that benefits from the synergistic abilities (entourage effect) of a true full-spectrum product. Simply put, while other carts use additives and distillates to attempt to replicate the taste and experience of popular strains, our superior live-resin carts offer the purity, potency and profile that can only be achieved with live-resin.





Dab Bods

GET COMFORTABLE WITH BHO CONCENTRATES High-terpene, full-spectrum extract (HTFSE) potency and purity, without the pocket purge. Finally - there's a good-fit, high-quality, high-value concentrates for everybody.

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