Big Buddy Indica Pre-Roll 2-pack | 2g
Buddy Blooms

Big Buddy Indica Pre-Roll 2-pack | 2g


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THC: 180mg/g - 240mg/g
CBD: 10mg/g

The Big Buddy Indica Pre-Roll is full of quality and high THC flower that is in a convenient and smooth pre-roll for any consumer. This indica-dominant pre-roll is made from a variety of strains, rolled to perfection to ensure that you always get a consistently smooth burn. Get ready to stay blooming with your new preferred indica pre-roll pack.




Buddy Blooms

Buddy Blooms is Canada's newest cannabis brand, offering the best cannabis pre-rolls, in collaboration with Mera Cannabis. Their plants are dense, trichome rich and the curing processes are top-notch. It's about time to #stayblooming with Buddy Blooms.

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