BC Black - PureFire: Bubba Purple Punchsicle - 5x0.5g - Pre-Rolls
BC Black

BC Black - PureFire: Bubba Purple Punchsicle - 5x0.5g - Pre-Rolls


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THC: 250mg/g - 300mg/g
CBD: 10mg/g

Bubba Purple Punchsicle is an incredibly potent and gassy offering bred by Smokehouse BC and grown by PureFire Co. in Penticton, BC. Upon opening the bag your nose will fill with the aroma of a fresh blueberry pop tart, right out of the toaster, and if you squeeze the flowers, a minty gas emanates from the chunky buds. The flavour is loud with blueberries and a minty gas exhale. Over 40 years in the making, PureFire was established to bring legacy genetics and expertise to the recreational cannabis market. Founder Cody Lewis has inherited a wealth of knowledge from his father Bill who has been involved in the legacy cannabis industry since the early 1980’s. With Bill’s knowledge and Cody’s drive for excellence, PureFire is more than just a family affair, it is a passion project built on tradition, quality, and a pursuit of the finest cannabis experience. Their in-house genetics were developed from strains dating back to the 90's and includes unique blends and hard to find strains.




BC Black

BC Black draws only premium product from small batch craft cultivators with decades of experience and skills honed to perfection during the legacy era of Canadian Cannabis. Products you find under the BC Black brand are 'cream of the crop', with only the best strains selected to be included in this group of specialty cannabis. It's that premium, before-legalization cannabis you know and love, now brought the the legal market by craft cultivators.

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