Pure Sunfarms – Headband Pre-Roll – 3×0.5g

Species : HYBRID
Brand : Pure Sunfarms
THC : 17.8 %
CBD : 0 %
Terpene : Caryophyllene,Humulene,Linalool,Bisabolol


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Headband single-strain pre-rolls are made with all-natural BC-grown whole flower. No trim. No shake. This gassy cultivar offers flavours of sweet and savoury spices including allspice and nutmeg (caryophyllene), lavender (linalool), and lemon (humulene). Featuring natural paper, each joint is finished with a twisted end, preventing spillage, and acting as a convenient wick. Three x 0.5g pre-rolls in a reusable, recyclable tube.

Weight 1.50 g


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