NightNight – Pomegranate Sunset CBN+CBD Shot – 1x50ml

Species : SATIVA
Brand : NightNight
THC : 0 %
CBD : 0 %
Terpene :


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NightNight CBN+CBD Shots contain 15 mg of CBN, 45 mg of CBD and no THC. They are non-psychoactive, formulated using only natural ingredients and do not contain sugar. Experience the synergistic effects of CBN and CBD in a convenient, 50 ml shot format ideal for bedtime use. Pomegranate Sunset combines natural pomegranate and citrus flavors with stevia and bitters to create a zesty bedtime drink. All NightNight Shots are produced using cannabis distillates and isolates – highly-pure cannabis extracts designed to minimize cannabis taste while preserving each drink’s unique flavour profile. Experience the remarkable effects of cannabis you can’t get from smoking flower.

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