MediPharm Labs – CBN:CBD 1:2 Relax Formula – 30ml

Species : BLEND
Brand : MediPharm Labs
THC : 0 %
CBD : 20 %
Terpene :


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Product Category: High-CBN, High-CBD (10mg/g of CBN per mL to 20mg/g of CBD per mL) 300mg of Total CBN and 600mg of CBD per 30mL bottle. MediPharm Labs CBN:CBD 1:2 is a high-CBN formula containing 10mg/mL of CBN and 20mg/mL of CBD made using refined CBN material produced at MediPharm Labs using strict manufacturing standards to bring you the highest quality and purity. This high-quality formulated oil has a subtle cannabis flavour. Our coconut/palm-based MCT carrier oil has been carefully chosen for its eco-conscious practices from plantation through to manufacturing. This product includes a syringe for convenience and dosing.

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