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Flint & Embers – Zookies – 3.5g

Species : HYBRID
Brand : Flint & Embers
THC : 25.7 %
CBD : 0.07 %
Terpene :


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Flint & Embers’ Zookies (Animal Kookies x Gorilla Glue) is a punchy indica-hybrid flower with an unmistakable smell – smooth nutty flavours, dotted with vanilla bean and a hint of tropical citrus. Naturally grown in microclimate conditions inspired by the unique environments each plant thrives in – Zookies is hand-harvested, hang-dried, hand-trimmed and then carefully sorted and packed to capture the best bud. These frosty flowers are completely coated in trichomes from tip to tip and feature a dense forest green flower structure, spotted with wavy orange pistils.

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