Flag Trading Co. – Garlic Kush Hash Coin – 1g


Species : INDICA
Brand : Flag Trading Co.
THC : 0 %
CBD : 0 %
Terpene :


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“Flag’s Garlic Kush pressed Bubble Hash Coin is a terpene-rich, solventless concentrate made through a proprietary method of extracting whole flower, dry cured Garlic Kush cannabis. Carefully filtered through a 72 micron screen ice-water extraction process, the trichomes are collected and pressed to provide a full-spectrum, high-potency and flavourful bubble hash. Our Garlic Kush Hash Coin offers hash consumers a premium, full-flavour experience of traditional bubble hash in the convenience of Flag’s unique pressed “”F”” coin, scored on the back for more convenient consumption. Vacuum sealed for freshness.”

Weight 4.00 g


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