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TOKE CANNABIS Store Reviews in Midland

Jessa Alexa

Toke Cannabis is my favourite dispensary to shop at in Midland. I love the atmosphere, the staff and the products. The owner is so kind and always recommends fantastic products to me during our conversations. Currently, I have been beyond satisfied with everything I have purchased and the prices have been great.

Phil Skala

Toke has an amazing and wide selection of products and the staff are really personable and kind. Never had a bad experience and this definitely has become my regular spot. Very reliable, great prices, and amazing service.

Evan Lamoureux

Nice little shop in the downtown of Midland. Helpful and polite staff, new stock on the shelves on the regular. Stop by and say hi to my cousin Jesse, he will walk you through and will help you find what it is your looking for.

John Walsh

As a long time heavy smoker, I didn't think I would feel anything from edibles. After trying the edible oil and dank rainbow the girls recommended. I'm definitely lifted! Thanks for the solid products, I'm happy your in town.
Great vibes, great looking staff  and prices seem cheap. stay blessed toke!

Ameirah Taha

Ordered a few times now & so impressed. Timely delivery, Great products & totally came thru with glass cleaner when I was out. For sure I'll order more , cheers buds

Christopher Melbourne

Toke Cannabis has a great staff and selection. I was able to find exactly what my preference was in flower and I could see there was plenty of selection that would suit anyone else.

Lost Gems

I've been ordering from them every 1-2 days and have not been disappointed once. They have the lowest prices in town. Every staff member I've interacted with has been exceptionally nice and knowledgeable. They give you honest feedback and don't try to just sell you the most profitable product. They have earned me as a life long customer because their prices and customer service just cannot be beat.

Jarrod Cameron

I’ve been making my selections through the website and doing curb side pickup since they opened which was fine… but today was the first time I had the pleasure of going in. I’m so pleased with the recommendations made. Their menu has the current THC levels for the batch you’re getting which is super convenient because the OCS only gives you a range of what you could get but not the specific percentage. Excellent product knowledge. Great friendly non-pretentious crew working there. Very helpful personable. It’s pretty hard to not make these strangers your new friends! But not like that friend back in the day that made you sit on his couch for a half hour before you could get going…