Grape Pie Cold Cured Live Rosin Batter | 1g

by: PersyTHC: 65% - 80%CBD: 5%Weight: 1g





This is a Qwest reserve collab with one of the top producers in Canada. Persy batter sold out immediately on the first drop, and both Persy batters had the two highest COAs for solventless rosin in Canada. This product is 95% pure (top 3 tested in Canada) using 100% solventless methods. Solventless is 100% natural and a true expression of the strains' genetics. The product is completely clean. It offers the Grape Pie genetic chemical profile rather than a man made version. This is why solventless is able to capture better flavours and experiences than solvents, as it's a more gentle extraction process on the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found within each strain. Persy sold out immediately, two highest COAs for solventless rosin in Canada. In terms of Purity Grape Pie is 95% pure (top 3 tested in Canada). High amounts of CBG cannabinoids. Labels will include: Grower, Processing info, Terpenes, Dab Temp, Micron Bag Size (45-189u)