Decadent dessert cannabis strains to brighten your day

4 February 2022 – Posted in: Cannabis Buzz, Cannabis Flavour Profiles, Cannabis in Canada, Cannabis Varieties, Terpenes, Tips for Choosing Cannabis

TOKE Cannabis offers a wide selection of dessert themed cannabis strains, to really engage your senses and delight your palate. You can not only order desserts for delivery from your favourite restaurants, but you can also order dessert themed weed for same day delivery or immediate instore pick up from your favourite cannabis online store! Or of course, you can also pick up these delectable strains in person, at our cannabis retail stores. Here are…

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In Praise of Haze: Strain Profile

2 December 2021 – Posted in: Cannabis and Culture, Cannabis Buzz, Cannabis Flavour Profiles, Cannabis in History, Cannabis Varieties, Tips for Choosing Cannabis Are you looking for a cannabis product that is uplifting, euphoric, and even psychedelic? Do you like to be physically active while high? Looking for a burst of motivation and creativity? Meet the Haze strain – one of most the cheerful and energetic branches of the sativa family. The Buzz Haze has long been adored amongst cannabis afficionados for its long lasting, uplifting and euphoric “head high.”  This is truly a fun strain, which is… Continue reading

Indica Roundup

26 November 2021 – Posted in: Cannabis Flavour Profiles, Cannabis Growers, Cannabis in Canada, Terpenes, THC There is something to really appreciate about a good indica.  Here, we showcase some of the awesome indica and indica-dominant cannabis products available at TOKE Cannabis! Animal Mints by Back Forty Animal Mints is a popular choice for indica lovers!  It is a cross between the strains Animal Cookies and SinMint Cookies. The Animal Mints strain is rather strong – at 22% THC  - and it can reach even higher potencies of up to 25%. … Continue reading