Boveda 62% Humidor Packets - 1lb

by: Smoke Arsenal Inc.Weight: N/A

1 boveda pack works for up too 1lb of cannabis. Boveda 62% Humidor Packets come in a display pack of 12. Display pack of 12 Boveda humidity packets are made with patented formula of all-natural salts and purified water Help retain the natural terpenes within your supply for a cleaner and more effective product. Two way humidity control packs allow for long lasting potency and aroma. Place your cigar humidity pack in an airtight container keeping it dense and moist for up to 2-6 months of freshness. Add more humidifier packs in your large storage bin to keep them lasting for an extended period of time. Boveda keeps the Relative Humidity (RH) stable within your storage container The 62% Boveda humidor packets fit perfectly into various sizes of storage containers, bulk airtight tubs, cigar humidors and much more. Their larger size is ideal for storing up to 1 pound of material.