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Crooked Dory

This is the story of the Crooked Dory. Nobody asked, but we’re telling you anyway. He was a little guy and seriously misshapen – a Quasimodo of sorts, but in boat form. Steering him was a nightmare. He’d just go in clockwise circles. Then one balmy, midsummer evening, a man happened to walk by. This man was, let’s just say, "not low". He got into the Crooked Dory, went ’round and ’round like you’d expect. But instead of getting frustrated, he laughed. And he wouldn’t stop. Legend says if you listen real quietly, you can still hear him, giggling in his Crooked Dory. We’re Newfoundlanders who travel across Canada in search of the best weed, from the best growers. Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds. We promise you 3 things: 1. Always the best price (because good weed shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.) 2. Always exceptional quality cannabis (because, duh?) 3. Always new products (because something about ‘Variety is the spice of life’.)