Moonwave Cannabis Infused Beverage | 222ml

Ace ValleyTHC: 2mg/mLCBD: 10mg/mLWeight: 222g






222ml Cannabis infused beverage from Ace Valley. A calming beverage that’s perfect for night time. Sparkling water with berry flavor and a touch of vanilla, which is known to promote calm and relaxation. Comes in a sleek 222ml can and contains 2mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. Best served chilled to enjoy its full taste. Cannabis-infused beverages combine cannabis distillate with familiar, non-alcoholic beverages. Enjoy as a refreshing alternative to smoking or alcohol, and be prepared for a slower onset than inhalation.


Ace Valley

Ace Valley is a cannabis brand designed for lighter moments. They partner with leading Canadian licensed producers to curate simple, high quality cannabis products for customers. They align with partners who share their core values of quality, sustainability and customer experiences. This is the best way for them to consistently deliver premium cannabis products at approachable prices.

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