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Founded in 2013 with roots in Muskoka dating back to the 1800s, Muskoka Grown wanted to grow their recreational cannabis here because only among the quiet beauty of this place can one let go of distractions and ensure that every plant is given the care it deserves, no matter how long it takes. Muskoka Grown: A group of passionate growers that pride themselves in purposely growing high-quality cannabis that is a reflection of their devotion to every harvest. Muskoka Grown believes that quality comes from honest, hard work, and from the passion to want to do it no matter what you’re creating. Their effort is consistent, and their growing process is a testament to their craft, designed from the ground up over years of planning. That spirit of attention to detail is evident in everything Muskoka Grown does: from the community they're proud to be a part of, to the plants they're growing, and the people we collaborate with.