About Us

At TOKE, we look towards cannabis’ future while recognizing and valuing the past that got us to where we are now. On October 17, 2018, cannabis was made legal in Canada by The Cannabis Act, officially ending prohibition. This day represented a light at the end of a very long tunnel of advocacy and activism to recognize and acknowledge the needs of Canadians to have access to legalized cannabis, without penalty.

TOKE is a cannabis retail store (CRS) that is licenced by Health Canada and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to sell cannabis for recreational purposes. We are wholly compliant with The Cannabis Act in our promotion, sales, and in providing the best cannabis retail experience for those who visit our store.

We are former members of Canada’s “legacy market” or “free market”, where we knowingly took risks to ensure that Canadians were never without high-quality, accessibly priced cannabis. For years, we stuck our neck out with a mission to see cannabis eventually legalized, so that cannabis wouldn’t have to be bought and sold in the shadows. When legalization came to fruition, we recognized that opening TOKE was our chance to contribute to a new industry in Canada.

Led by Katy Perry, an experienced cultivator, cannabis educator, and consultant, TOKE represents a new era of cannabis. We are a modern brand working towards a bright future for the legal cannabis industry, yet we never forget the path that got us to where we are. We recognize that many people before us have fought hard for Canadians to enjoy the benefits of legal cannabis. We will never forget these important players who fought for the privileges we can now legally enjoy.

When you visit TOKE, you won’t feel like you’re in an Apple store – you’ll feel the vibes of cannabis culture’s past and future through the friendly, warm, and welcoming environment that we create. Sounds of the music of cannabis culture will fill your ear, colour and fun design liven up the space, and our budtenders are waiting to engage with you on their favourite topic: cannabis.

We are passionate about cannabis and the people who make up this industry. We are dedicated to a bright future for cannabis in Canada. We honour cannabis’ past while building its future. We love Bob Marley. We are advocates for cannabis amnesty and the eradication of cannabis criminal records in Canada. We love to consume cannabis safely and responsibly. We are trailblazers. We are sources for education and information about cannabis. We are TOKE, Ontario’s cannabis retail store, and we are here to serve you.